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Document processing

Do you know it? You and your staff spend a lot of time manually rewriting whether paper or electronic documents, with maximum effort, is not entirely possible to avoid potential mistakes during the manual processing of the documents, etc.


Automated Document Processing offers you flawless scanning and automatic document transfer, complete artificial intelligence processing, and automatic control of selected document characteristics.

Automation of processing

  • Obtaining documents

    Documents can be directly scanned, uploaded via your mobile device, sent via email, retrieved from your DMS, retrieved via web services.

  • Separating documents

    A single uploaded document can contain multiple documents. Using artificial intelligence, the document will be divided into individual documents.

  • Capturing

    Texts are obtained from the documents, using artificial intelligence, individual types of data are recognized and then the method of accounting is offered according to the learned rules.

  • Integration

    The collected data are transferred to your system. Contact us to learn more about integration with different systems.


The solution is based on patented technology from Austria. Web technology is available 24/7, hosted on a German ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified infrastructure compliant with the GDPR Regulation.

  • 98% accuracy without templates
  • Any source of documents
  • Automatic method of accounting sugestion
  • Integration with your system
  • High level of security

Integration with document sources and target systems is ensured through the unique ERPIO One communication platform.
The web interface is ready to be customized to your colors and to use your logo.


Predefined solutions for specific accounting applications.


The technology is used by more than 10,000 companies in different countries (DE, AT, HU, CZ, SK, PL…).